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Station to Sation†

Monday, November 20th, 2006

"It's easy to get mass movements moving." -Le Marquis de Sade in Marat/Sade by Peter Weiss

The thing you must understand about Paris is that it is NOT a night town.

...but it's trying.

Went out Saturday night.† It's become sort of a Saturday night tradition for me to go to parties and meet new people.† It's very rare that anybody over twenty years old cosmetic training meets anybody interesting in most of the bars in this town, and usually these private parties are the best things happening.† Well this one let out kind of early, so around 1:45am I hit one of the allegedly "late night" spots.† I get there with my friend DJ Whistlepunk, we get our coats off, start dancing, and the lights come up and they start playing the Oscar the Grouch song from orange county electrician Sesame Street.

I thought it was a fluke.† But then we tried six more bars on the same street. Zero Zero had its shutters down. The Kitch wouldn't serve us any booze and were really polite about not letting us sit down. The third bar didn't have a name but the bar tender flicked out the lights and ran to the back when he saw us coming... tripping over a table and knocking over a pitcher of water and a tray of glasses along the way.† But that only slowed him down man... he popped right back up and hobbled his way to the detroit limo service back.

We passed some bar where there was a bouncer who had three people outside and wasn't letting anybody in and we were waved in by the doorman at Le Charbon.† The music was better than the fifteen minutes we spent at the first place, but there was nobody there that I wanted to see.

This is in contradiction to Chicago, London, New York, Barcelona, Istanbul, Beirut, Constantinople, and Scranton.† But it all makes sense when you ponder that there's no 7-11 in this cheapest quadcopter town.† There's no 24 hour Denny's. There's no 24-hour ANYTHING.† They're trying to live-up to the night life of other cities... but they have no idea how that's done. Half the people in charge of planning this transformation have never even been to another city.

But the night bus system finally works... You won't have anywhere to go, but once you get there you can at least get Fallout shelter cheat codes home.††

(And coming in January you can check out Take on Paris LIVE!)


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